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Activities and projects of ČRDM

Besides daily work (advocacy of youth interests, lobbying within institutions, administration, etc.) there are several key areas or projects, on which ČRDM is concentrating:


Bambiriáda is a unique active presentation of leisure time activities offered by children and youth associations and leisure time centres in the Czech Republic. It is held annually in the end of May in almost 20 towns and cities across the Czech Republic and is visited by more than 150 000 visitors (children, young people, parents, grand parents…) every year.

PR and lobbying activities

Award of the ČRDM “Přístav” – The award is intended for local administration’s politicians, entrepreneurs and companies for their support of non-formal educational activities of / with children and youth.
Other lobbying – ČRDM’s workgroup “State” holds many discussions with politicians to get their support and to lobby for an acceptable legal environment and reasonable regulations for youth work.

International activities

European Youth Forum – Since 2012 ČRDM is a full member of this European-wide umbrella organisation of National Youth Council and International Organisations. ČRDM is involved in the activities of the European Youth Forum, like seminars, projects presentations, meetings and networking (e.g. of newly founded national youth councils in Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans).
Participation on seminars in Europe – Representatives of ČRDM take part at many international events and activities, e.g. Youth Events of the European Union Presidency, seminars of the European Youth Forum, Youth Forum EU-Africa, networking seminars, talks with other National Youth Councils within the BBC+ platform of the European Youth Forum, meetings and study visits to partner organisations from abroad.
Bilateral youth exchange with Israel – During one week in the Czech Republic in summer and another one in autumn in Israel, 8 young Czechs and 8 Israelis visit the other country, where they learn about the other country (culture, people, history) and specifics of youth work in different organisations and youth movements. They discuss about historical, as well as current topics and visit interesting and important places like Prague, Terezín, Lidice, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem or Masada. The project was considered successful and it was agreed that it would continue in 2012.
Other international activities – ČRDM is also active in organising international youth exchanges, seminars and trainigs (e.g. “Participate in the structured dialogue!” in November 2012), takes part at events and activities of its international partners (Co-ordinating Centre of Czech-German Youth Exchanges Tandem, National Youth Councils in neighbour countries), in dealings regarding youth field within the V4 countries and cooperates with other youth policy actors mainly in European context.

Support to children and youth associations

In ČRDM’s Office qualified employees and volunteers devoted their time and skills to the service and support of member organizations.
Insurance – Insurance belongs among the basic services that ČRDM provides to its member associations to give them the safe footing they need to work independently with children and youth. ČRDM arranges and administeres accident, third-party-liability and travel insurance for children and youth associations thanks to the government grant from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.
Seminars – every year ČRDM organises various seminars and discussions focusing on actual issues and problems, for its member organisations. Well-known is the regular annual Meeting, where representatives of children and youth associations joined by important politicians discussed current issues influencing youth work.

ČRDM and regional children and youth councils

Out of the twelve regional children and youth councils, active in the Czech Republic, ten are members of ČRDM and they are included in the Chamber of Regional Councils. They associate tens of local and regional children and youth organisations and, together with the Council, try actively to influence conditions for youth work in the regions.

Publications and media

ARCHA Magazine is ČRDM’s information magazine about education and use of the leisure time of children and youth. 6 issues are published every year, each with a different main topic.
ADAM.cz is an information Internet portal which aims to promote the work of children and youth associations and the non-profit sector among the public. It also reacts to current events.

72 Hours – Take Our Hand!

This project brings together people all around the Czech Republic to carry out voluntary activities during three days in autumn. The volunteers help the others, the nature or the environment surrounding them. Aside from these beneficial activities the projects promotes voluntary work among the public and media, and shows that it is not difficult to be a volunteer.

Let’s speak into – Structured Dialogue of Youth

The project “Kecejme do toho” (Let’s speak into) allows young people to be involved in the structured dialogue on national level (in the Czech Republic), as well as on the international level as a part of the structured dialogue framework in the European union. It is a participation process, where young people have the opportunity to discuss and comment on issues that concern them. They are involved in the project through workshops, discussions with experts on different fields, project conferences, on-line (via project's website and social networks) and special “European consultations” focused on topics on European level.

Member Cards and Youth Cards (EURO<26)

ČRDM decided to widen its service by negotiating of discounts for activities with children and youth. Therefore we acquired the licence to administrate the European Youth Cards (EYCA, formerly EURO<26) in the Czech Republic. These cards enables its holders – young people – to use a wide selection of discounts (for travelling, food, accommodation…) across Europe. We use Youth Cards also as member cards in our associations. We continue to work on further increasing the number of discounts.

Project Kamchodit (WhereToGo)

It is an interactive map, which allows children and their parents to learn easily, where in the neighbourhood they can spend their free time (club-rooms, sport grounds etc.).

Trees of Agnes of Bohemia

Our contribution to the European Year of Volunteering 2011 was the project Trees of Agnes of Bohemia. During the weekend 5.–6. 11. 2012 111 lime trees were planted by children and youth groups in the honour of this venerable Czech saint, who is considered to be the “first volunteer”. The position of each tree can be found in the interactive map Kamchodit.cz, so they can serve as “pilgrimage sites” not only for groups that planted them.


European Youth Card – discounts for young people across Europe

Adam.cz – news and information service of associations of children and youth

72 hours – Take Our Hand! – three days of voluntary activities across the Czech Republic

Bambiriáda 2013

Let’s speak into – Structured Dialogue of Youth

Award of the ČRDM “PŘÍSTAV”


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